Featured Animation Studio: Cranial Island Studios

Our featured animation studio for October is Cranial Island Studios, an Atlanta-based animation company. Cranial Island Studios, a husband and wife animation duo, is setting the pace for digital advertising content creation and visual storytelling.

A Thirst For More

The two started their company during the recession. They took their animation talent and knack for business to create something of their own, and it’s working.

“It really hit me that having multiple resources of income streams means you will never be out of work, even if things go through a slow period,” says Carla Ginsberg-Latimer.

2 copy.jpg

Carla Ginsberg-Latimer and Lindsey Latimer realized early on that they wanted to path their own way in the animation industry and help companies tell their brand stories.

“We wanted to work with people and organizations that had interesting stories to tell,” says Lindsey Latimer, Production Lead. “Carrying an idea from concept to completion is a very interesting and fulfilling process.”

1 copy

The Nuts & Bolts

The process at CiStudios is detailed, but every part is essential to ensure their clients needs are met. They told me that the process starts out very broad and the detail evolves along the way.

“We like to touch base with our clients on the goals for their video, as well as their target market,” says Carla and Lindsey. “Once we’ve worked out an overall scope and budget, we discuss story and visual reference, and work with them on creating a script outline.”

The duo has worked with companies like Panasonic and Hewlett-Packard on promotional and internal videos. “Seeing our work make it in these big businesses and on TV is exciting to us because it feels like we are creating art projects for these big corporations and businesses,” says Carla.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 10.39.39 PM.png

When it comes to inspiration, Lindsey and Carla pull from some of their favorite animations including Looney Tunes, Calvin & Hobbes, and animated music videos. Carla says, “They have to be conceptual and evoke feelings to help you understand the music.”

As for the animation industry, CiStudios misses the golden age of Nickelodeon. When things were weirder and less safe.

Animation can be used to tell many kinds of stories, and it’s important that we keep the industry varied. Take your dreams to the next level and create something just for you. That’s what CiStudios did, and you can too.

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