Bob’s Burgers: Beets My Burger

I want to start this off by saying that I am so, so glad to be alive during the time of this show. First off, it’s hilarious. Second, the show gives these characters so much depth, it takes it way beyond anything we’ve seen from a prime-time adult cartoon.

It’s almost hard to believe that Fox was hesitant to renew the show after its first season. But I think I can speak for most when I say I’m glad they did because Bob’s Burgers has become as American as the Simpsons at this point.


Meet the Belchers

I’d like to rank my favorite characters starting with – Louise. She’s a favorite because she’s obviously a sociopath, but still manages to be oh-so lovable.

From Louise’s adorable bunny ears, to her incessant plots for revenge, she leads the show down darker paths of hilarity.

My favorite episodes featuring her are Art Crawl, where she tells an old man that he smells like ointment and pee, and then enlists Andy and Ollie to draw priceless works of art for her after Gene and Tina fail.

I also love the one where her bunny ears get stolen by her arch-nemesis Logan, and of course the episode where she becomes obsessed with a boy band, which is completely out of character for her.


Louise is tough, and she picks on Gene and Tina a lot, but she’s fiercely protective of her family. She loves working at the restaurant, and a lot of the episodes revolve around her schemes, which her brother and sister unwillingly go along with.

She’s the closest to Gene, but her and her older sister Tina definitely have their affectionate moments – like when Tina loses a go-cart race so that Louise can win instead.

Next up, Gene. Nearly everything that comes out of his mouth his comedic gold. With lines like, “Channel six news. They’ll finger anything with a pulse,” he’s unapologetically himself.

He loves food. He’s extremely weird.

I recall one episode where the kids are supposed to be searching for a Christmas gift for their father, but instead Gene decides to take a “relaxing” bath in a box filled with beans.


In another episode, he becomes a cheerleader and has a cheer-off. His one-liners are what really make the show, and it’s obvious that he gets his humor from his mother. “I think I have the best legs in the family, and the smoothest bottom!”

Then we have Tina, the socially awkward preteen who happens to be a total perv.

She’s unique in that we’d typically expect this level of pervi-ness from a male character, but no. In one episode she has two guys fighting over her – Jimmy Junior and a dancer from another school.

The boys have a dance-off to see who will win Tina’s affection, and Tina’s all like let’s make this a three-way and have a make-out wheel. I just can’t with her.


Never Be Normal

The Belchers own a restaurant that serves deliciously artistic burgers, but unfortunately, it’s a little bit ahead of its time and is unsuccessful. Honestly, I feel like this plot worked in the beginning, but at this point, it’s tired.

Like we know the burgers are good. If this restaurant were real, it would be a success – so give the Belchers a break and let them have some customers other than Teddy and Mort the mortician!

The parents – Linda and Bob, give me all the feels. They support each other, laugh together and realize how ridiculous and crazy they both are, but still, they’re there for each other and this is just a really beautiful thing.

There’s the episode where Linda becomes obsessed with having a B&B, and Bob is just like okay whatever. And one of my favorites is when Linda’s sister Gayle thinks that she’s having an affair with Bob and Linda actually encourages it.


Another really great episode is when Linda drags Bob to be a chaperone at a middle school dance because she knows that Bob missed out on his. She re-creates all the typical moments and even gets him drunk. The funniest moment is when they throw up on each other and get kicked out of the dance.

Okay, I’m stopping now. I could go on for days about how much I love this family and their unpredictable dynamic, and I probably will in the future. However, that’s enough for now.

I love the Belcher’s. Bob’s Burgers for life.

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